Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a website?

In today’s rapidly advanced technological world, people spend lot of time on the internet. Our first impulse is to search the internet for a company to meet a need, a want, or a desire. We “Google” everything nowadays: from ordering a Pizza to buying a book. We research our potential purchases from electronic gadgets to expensive cars.

Your business needs that special presence on the web, both as a beautiful, inviting website and an easy to use shop. To be successful, people need to find you and when they do, they need to like you. An innovative, exciting, and professional looking website with exceptional, easy to use functionality creates that instant customer relationship.

Over 20% of people access the internet over a phone or a tablet and Responsive websites that scale according to the device will only become more important as that internet access percentage increases each year. A professional presence on the internet is an investment in your brand and one that may pay off handsomely.

Where are you based?

We are based in both India. We have worked with clients in India, USA, Canada, Malaysia and Australia as well so your geographic location will never be an obstacle.

So, if you are a local (check our Contact Page to see if you’re local), we would love to meet you in person. However, if you are located anywhere else in the world, we can still connect, by email, telephone, or over Skype / Zoom.

What’s the process?

Phase 1 – Research and Design: Based on the details you provide to us through the original request for a quote and additional meetings and interview, we will research the infrastructure architecture to create the foundation of your website. We’ll then begin designing the layout of your website, along with aesthetic requirements with your input.

Phase 2 – Development: Here is where it becomes fun. We will start building your site. This is the technical phase and during this phase we will need all of your content (text, images etc.) from you. If you’re not directly providing them, we’ll need to work with your web content team to receive the content or train your team to manage the content.

Phase 3 – Testing: Your site will be uploaded on our test server. During this phase, we validate your site with a final security check that there are no bugs or other configuration conflicts. Since all of our sites are responsive in nature, we confirm that your site scales nicely along all devices. You will be then asked to check your site for content, scalability, performance (Cart, Gallery or other Branding functions) or other items requested and verify that you’re happy with everything on your site.

Phase 4 – the Final Countdown: Your site will be uploaded on to your server and linked to your domain. Once done, there will be a series of final quality checks done by you/your team and also by our team.

How long will it take?

Once Phase 1 has started, it generally takes roughly 2 to 4 weeks to complete the entire process. This timeframe is a guideline and completely depends on the complexity of the site, the content provided (content delays can add extensive extra time), Change Requests, Mid-Phase 2 design changes and your hosting infrastructure.

How much will it cost?

The cost is completely dependent on your business requirements. We have three different types of website services namely custom website service, economical web design service, and white label website service and costing are accordingly. Please refer to these services individually which will help you understand the costing and decide the kind of service you would like to avail. 

Fill in our “Request a Quote” form and provide us with more information about your project and we can give you a much more precise quote.

What do I need to provide?

Fill in our Quote Form, then we will want you to gather all of your content. This includes page text about your company, testimonials you want included, and images of and for your business to be used on your site.

You may want to hire a copywriter or if you’re adventurous and write your own content, think about an editor to make sure you are reaching your potential audience in the best possible way. We do have staff members who can provide interesting and exciting content or they can assist you in editing your copy. Just let us know in your request for a quote.

Will I be able to update my website after it’s built?

Yes! You or your web team will be able to update your site. We build all our websites using the WordPress Platform. WordPress is the best Content Management System for today’s fast paced, ever changing technological world. More than 23% of the websites on the Internet are built using WordPress.

Our custom built sites have user friendly and easy to operate backend dashboards, which means you will be able to update your content, images or publish a blog article without any difficulty. WordPress has extensive solutions for connecting to Social Media and for “blogging on the fly” with an App that allows you to write it and set it to draft or publish on your time schedule. We also use a video tutorial system to teach you how to operate your backend panel which can be placed on the dashboard for easy access and learning.

Do you do SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

Your site will be built with Search Engine Optimization in mind to fulfill the basic SEO requirements. Google Analytics will be placed on your site, if you require it, and we will make sure your site is regularly indexed by Google.

However, major SEO work isn’t something we provide as a standard part of our website builds, therefore, we can’t guarantee your site ranking on search engines

With your site set up with basic SEO, and also being search engine friendly, it is far more important that you manage your site content well once your site has gone live. We recommend regularly updating your site with fresh content you’ll want to provide to your target audience. This includes blog articles, proper uploading of images, and properly linking the pages and other content.

What if I need help after my site is built?

In the Request a Quote form, let us know what type of support/training, you think you’ll require once your site is built. We can provide you with training either in person (Local) or on Skype on backend/dashboard information. We can also provide video tutorials for the backend and other items you may use.

We are also just an “email” away and we reply to you within 24 hours. If you are hosting with us, your hosting package includes a FREE maintenance package (first year/hosting with us) where you’ll have 6 hours of technical support per year. After utilizing your allotted annual 6 hours support, you can choose to add more time at a discounted rate.

What about website maintenance?

If you are hosting your own site, we have a separate support plan to assist you in maintaining your site. We can provide that information to you during Phase 1 of your website build.

If we’re hosting your site, our hosting price for a website is $65 per month or you can pay a $600 flat annual and enjoy a more than 20% discount. Here’s what’s included:

Hosting and Domain: We host your site on our servers and work with the domain registrar on your behalf.

Free Maintenance includes:

Daily Backend updates and Database Optimization: Every site needs to be updated regularly. Our designated technical person will monitor your site daily for any new updates and ensure your site is up and running without any problems. Your database will be optimized daily to make sure that your database is never bloated with problem data.

Daily Backup & Restore: We will make sure that your site is backed up daily (30 days of site backup archives). If anything goes wrong, we will restore your site with the most recent verified clean back-up.

Site speed and Security Monitoring: Your site will be set up so that it is always secure and we will constantly monitor and block intruders. Even with tight security monitoring, if problems occur, we can and will restore your site with the most recent verified clean back-up. We’ll also review password security protocols to ensure even more security.

Technical Support: As a part of maintenance plan, you have 6 hours of technical support per year. After utilizing your allotted annual 6 hours support, you can choose to add more time at a discounted rate.

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